Youtube best Tumblr Videos! ++ Must Watch. And a Tumblr Musical Video?

Here's the best Youtube related to Tumblr: From tutorials, tricks, tips and websites that will  help you create a great Tumblr Blog! 

#1 How to use Tumblr (basics)
In this tutorial, I'll be going through the basics of setting up a Tumblr blog. There's a lot of different ways to get started blogging - the choices available to you are actually quite mindboggling. But if you're looking for an extremely simple way to start a blog, or if you're just interested in consolidating the content you post from other sources, Tumblr is an easy to use platform to handle it. [credit: thoughtshots]

#2 How to change your avatar image on Tumblr

#3 Tutorial: How to Make a Tumblr
This tutorial covers how to sign up for tumblr. This tutorial was made for a project at Rowan University for the course Informational Architecture. [credit: tumblrtutorials]

Tumblr: The Musical