Happy Halloween from Tumblog-it!

Happy Halloween Tumblog-it Community! Have a wonderful night, full of candies and spooky costumes  (lol) Enjoy the night and be safe. 

Wallpapers for Halloween! (Special Event)

Hello Everyone! Halloween is coming soon and there's nothing better than having a spooky or scary wallpaper on your desktop. Let me share some of my favorites wallpapers, this event is part of our Halloween special events. This wallpapers are FREE from the internet.

*To choose a wallpaper simply click on the photo → Save as.. and Apply as a Desktop image*

New Fonts for your Tumblr! from Dafont.com (Special event)

Hello cyber-vampires and wolves, Tumblog-it! brings you the special event "Halloween FONTS", impress or should i say SCARE your tumblr visitors with this unique and SCARY fonts. 

• LSD Junior by Woodcutter  (Halloween!)
•  Mrs. Monster by Iconian Fonts  (Halloween!)
•  Vorvolaka by Iconian Fonts (Halloween!)
•  Dire Wolf by Iconian Fonts (Halloween!)

NOTE: This font belongs to Dafont.com, all the rights and credit stays with them. We only use this as a public link. Check the newest fonts! Remember the link post here will take you to the author's page - so you can directly download it. We do not take any credit for this fonts.

Tumblr Updates Everyone! Here's what's new with Tumblr.

Have you heard the latest Tumblr updates? Want to know what's new? Don't worry Tumblog-it! have your back, check out the latest updates from Tumblr.com with us on FacebookTwitter or Tumblr.

1. On October 21, 2013 Tumblr Staff announced  their new customize panel design, some of the major upgrades to the Customize panel are:

<boom>Real-time theme preview</boom>
<wow>Browse themes with filters and search</wow>
<omg>New color picker</omg>
<fonts>Fonts! Fonts! Fonts!</fonts>

Also! Tumblr made big updates to the source code editor.

2. On October 17, 2013 (today) Tumblr staff announced a new update Dashboard. The links/settings still the same, the update it only affects  the "style and how it looks" of your dashboard.

3. New updates for Tumblr on iPhone and Android Cellphones. On September 18 and 19, 2013 Tumblr Staff announced a new update for their application on iPhones and Android cellphones. For more information you can visit the Details about this update: HERE.

Dashboard update it! on October 17, 2013

Hello everyone! On October 17, 2013 (today) Tumblr staff announced a new update Dashboard. The links/settings still the same, the update it only affects  the "style and how it looks" of your dashboard. Like it or not? What do you think?

049: winterfell.

※ endless scrolling is available!
※ option to change font and font size.
※ color changing options are available.
※ add or remove background.
※ option to include extra links.*

img preview | live preview | code

*if you do decide to add links of your own, i suggest only adding 1 or 2 max. this is not including a submit link.

New! Hypster presents a new Video Player for Tumblr Lovers

Hello Everyone! I was updating some tutorials and I notice Hypster launch a new Hyp.FM player, a player that can be used on blogs or websites. The player can save user settings and will not play songs if user initiates pause action. It also can transmit song state between pages - the song will continue to play from the same position it finished on prev page. Before continuing I add this Player to my Example Blog, (youtube video) you can see how it works. (It looks pretty awesome!)

This project still on Beta, you can submit positive or negative comments HERE.

1. To use the new Hyp.FM player you must be register and have a playlist with Hypster.com. I just update the tutorial for: How to Add Hypster Music Playerlist to your Tumblr if you want to try it out.

2. If you already have an account with Hypster then simply click HERE to go directly to the player code.
→ Log in → The page will take you directly to the Hyp.FM.

3. Choose the playlist and manage the settings to your preference. Then click on the "Code" button at the bottom of the page.

4. Copy the code at bottom of the page.
5. Log in your Tumblr account and find the customize button.
→ Settings → Customize → Edit html

6. Paste the code on your sidebar html info. (or where you wish to have the video playlist)
7. Click Update Preview and the Hypster  Playlist will appear. If you like it just click Save then Close the theme customization.