Tutorial: How to make a Direct Link Post?

Hello Everyone! Since Tumblr is always up-grading and changing layouts (lol!) Tumblog-it! will keep updating the tutorials. To make a Direct Link Post there's 3 different options, but for now I will give you a tutorial step-by-step of the easiest way of making a Direct-Link.

If you wish to see the other techniques, you can visit:
- Tutorial #2 How to Make a Word Link within a paragraph
- Tutorial #3 Full URL on your Post

1. The fast + easy technique to Direct Link a Post is using the "Link Option" on your Dashboard. (your Tumblr homepage), the button looks like:

2. A small window will appear, like the picture below. If you add the URL (internet address) Tumblr will automatically give you the Name and description of the website/blog.

3. You can change the name and description if you don't like it. The "green name / box" is how the Link will be post on your Tumblr. Click on "Publish" and you finish. See how easy was that?