Tutorial: How to make a Screenshot? Easy!

Hello everyone! You want to make a screenshot but have no idea how to do it? Let me teach you the easiest way to do it! and you be taking screenshots everyday - yes is that easy!

• First Step. Once you have choose what you want to ScreenShot press the key "PRINT SCREEN" or "PRTSCN" it depends how is written on your keyboard.

• Now open your PAINT program and PASTE the image. Wait I have no idea how to paste a image? No worries simply click CONTROL + V or find the icon that says paste. The paste icon always look like a small notebook, something like this:

• Do you see the image? But wait we gotta clean the borders, nobody want to see all your tabs and open windows, you can:
1. Select the ERASER option and start cleaning all the corners that you do not wish to have.
2. or you choose the SELECT option if you want to delete bigger pieces of the screenshot.

• Once you have clean everything. SAVE the work as a JPEG picture. Ok, we have the picture but how am i gonna added to Tumblr? 

Just click on the Photo Option from your Tumblr Dashboard and Choose the File of the image. Tumblr allows you to add text if you want on the post also. 

[You can use Tumblr to add the screenshot on your blog]

[choose the file and you're done!]
• Now just click Create Post and you have the screenshot on your Tumblr Blog!

Fun tricks and tips: Fish for you blog!

When I first saw this cool animation I was like: How cool is that? How can you add this lovely fish in your blog? Is perfect for those who want to give a relax mood to their blog, or for those who have Inspiration Photography Blogs. But the Question is "How can I get them?" Easy let me show you!

Tutorial: Fish Pond for your Tumblr Blog
First let me annouced that this tutorial is from http://abowman.com awesome gadgets. Visit their website for more cool tricks and gadgets. Tumblog-it! doesn't take any credit for this HTML code.

1. Now let's start! First you must Copy the HTML code in the website HERE.
(Copy the first one like the example below)

2. Log into your Tumblr Account.
3. Find the Blog Settings and Customize Theme.
(If you don't know how to find the Customize theme you can visit our TUTORIAL)

4. Now that you found Customize Theme option, click on EDIT HTML and Paste the code wherever you want to have the lovely fish pond. You can also Added on the Description Option. 

5. Click Update Preview to see how the pond look like, you can always change it to top, down or side bar. If you like how it looks like click on SAVE then CLOSE. Visit your blog and enjoy the fish pond!

Tutorial Widgets available for your Tumblr Blog!

Want to make your blog different and original from the others  Try our Tutorial-List of the widgets / tools we  have for you!
Free modern-style Users Online Counter
• Create a Poll have never been so easy!
• Change the cursor of your blog! It's easy!
• Add a Friendsbilly FREE Music Player
• Over + 25 Mini-Animations to use
• Install a Favicon on your Tumblr Blog!
• Free Flag Counters for Tumblr
• How to add a Clock to your Tumblr Blog
• Free Hit Counter for Tumblr
.. more!

Searching for more tricks, widgets and tools? Visit our Widget Option or the Full Tutorial List available on Tumblog-it!

blogroll 003: doll in the garden.

※ be sure to change "your description goes here."
※ inspired by florals.

img preview | code

10+ Wallpapers you must have!

Hello Everyone! We all know Tumblog-it! is made for Tumblr, but it doesn't mean we can't have fun using other graphics and tools. Here are some of the best wallpaper (some of my favourites) that I would like to share with you all. If you like the wallpaper simply click photo to see the original size.

10+ Wallpapers you must have!

Waterscapes 1920x1080 Wallpaper # 23


"Random Tumblr Spam" Helpful Tips

Hello Everyone! I notice a lot of Tumblr users are having this "Random Tumblr Spam", the spam just "appears" on your blog and is extremely annoying. Here's a few tips to fight back this annoying pain in the lower back spam:

DO NOT click on the link the photo have. It you click on the picture it has a big chance of your Tumblr account getting hack. Also tell your followers to not click on the Spam photos.

• Contact Tumblr Support as soon as possible to fix your blog. Click HERE it will take you directly to the help support page. If you don't see the contact email, simply type "support" on the search bar.

• Change your Blog password. If you have more than one account, change their passwords also. Here are some ideas of how to choose a good password.

• Uncheck the "Let people look me up by this address" in the Blog Settings. How to get there? click HERE for the tutorial.

• On Blog Settings - the application tab revoke anything that looks suspicious.

• I don't know if this one will work but I read into it, and you can try it: "In your settings go to your blog name link on the left hand side then scroll down and locate the ‘Post by Email’ section. Click reset." by punkatheistmomma

• Delete all the "Random Spam Post" made.

I have contact Tumblr Support and yes - you must change your HTML theme.
"If your blog is showing a fake Tumblr login page, a fake age verification, or anything other than your normal blog theme, it is recommend it to change your theme. Click the Themes button. Choose a new theme. Click the Use button. And, click the Save button." - by Tumblr Support

Tutorial: Let people find you on Tumblr by your E-mail

Hello Everyone! This is a quick and simple tutorial of how to let people find you using your e-mail address on Tumblr. Let's start!

First Step find your Blog Settings on the top bar of the Tumblr Website. The Blog Settings icon it looks like a wheel - shape icon:

• Now on the Account Settings you'll see the email address you have on Tumblr:
- check this option to allow people to find you on Tumblr.
- you can uncheck this option so no one can see your email address. Only Tumblr Support will be able to see this email.

• Now click on the SAVE button. And back to blogging!

Tumblr upgrades their Android Application

Hello Everyone! Tumblr Staff have officially announced a upgrade for Android users: "We’re excited to announce yet another improved version of the Android app! Get ready for some fantastic updates"
• Clearer blog notifications — now you can see exactly which post was liked, reblogged, or commented on.
• Faster photo posting — quickly choose from the last 40 shots on your phone.
• Pinch and spread to zoom in on photos!
• Images load even faster on your Dashboard.
• Redesigned and rebuilt Post screens for faster posting.
• System notifications for post uploads — find out when something posts successfully or fails to upload.
• If you haven’t gotten the update notification yet, grab the latest version of the app.

Welcome to Tumblog-it! on Tumblr

Hello Everyone! If you have been active with Tumblog-it Facebook and Twitter you'll notice we have a new layout for our Tumblr Blog! I be posting helpful tips and tools to keep the blog more active! 

Best Blogs for Themes - Page #2

Don't miss part one of: Best Blogs for Themes

Best Blogs for Themes - if you're looking for new themes. A great way to start is by:
• Use the Tumblr Searchoption. Type the word "themes" and everything related to themes will appear. Is a great and easy-to do option to find new themes and everything related to it.
• Google it! Google is you're best friend. Google "themes for Tumblr" and every website and blog - related to Tumblr and themes will show.

Here's a few good blogs- that created themes for your Tumblr.
• http://a--themes.tumblr.com/
• http://ramyeons.tumblr.com/
• http://baudelairedthemes.tumblr.com/
• http://detoulouse.tumblr.com/
• http://doucheywolf.tumblr.com/
• http://fukuo.tumblr.com/
• http://gyapo.tumblr.com/
• http://wolfclawed.tumblr.com/
• http://bbysoo.tumblr.com
• http://manatopia.org/
• http://mcpoyles.tumblr.com/
• http://ninpen.tumblr.com
• http://northerndawn.tumblr.com
• http://sakurane.tumblr.com/
• http://themesbyla.tumblr.com/
• http://crayoned.tumblr.com/theme
• http://sirbarton.tumblr.com/

If you have or know more theme-blogs let me know in the comments below so I can add them in this post. Thanks! Happy Blogging!

Note: Remember to always keep the credit of those who made the theme.

Tumblog-it!: Update Tutorials for the new Re-design Tumblr!

Hello Everyone! Tumblr recently re-designed the user-dashboard or "interface" and have moved a few options. Here are some Tutorials I have made changes to, most of theme are related to the Customize Theme Option.

• Where is the “Customize Theme” Option? (New Tumblr Design!)
•  How to Change your Portrait Photo (update!)
• How to Have a Second Blog  (update!)
 Share your Tumblr Posts with Twitter (update!)
•  How to Let people Submit Posts (update!)
 How to add a Link on your Description Box (update!)

More updates:
• Tutorial: How to Create more Blogs on Tumblr (update new version!)
• Tutorial: How to know you've been tagged by someone on tumblr? (update new version!)
• Tutorial: How to Change your Dashboard Background 
(for Mozilla FireFox)

New Tutorials:
Tutorial: Where to Find my Queue Posts? 
and How to change the time between queue posts.
• Icons and Buttons: Part #3
• Tutorial: How to Queue in Tumblr.
• Tutorial: Where to Find my Queue Posts? (new Tumblr Design!)

Icons and Buttons: Part #3

More Icons, Pixels and Buttons for your Tumblr Blog. Be creative, colourful and espontaneos  Addings pixels is fun! If you miss the part one and two don't worry here are the links for it:
Part #1
Part #2


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[Tumblog-it doesn't take credit for any of the previous pixels]