New Upgrades in Tumblr Features

Reblog, explore, looking for specific photos or even look for your favorite filters is easier than ever, with the new Tumblr features. Three massive improvements to the way you search for posts on a blog:
  • You can do it from your dashboard. Click a blog’s name or avatar to open it up, then click the magnifying glass at the top of the blog. Now type. Type like you mean it. Get your results. Yum. 

  • You can filter and sort the results. Click the abacus-looking thing for all your favorite filters. New bonus filter: Limit your search to original posts.

  • It’s full text. And that goes for searches from the dashboard as well as those directly from a blog’s theme. Used to be we just searched tags. Now we peruse every word.

The change took effect on May 12th, 2015, for more info or questions you can visit the official Tumblr Staff Page.