Fun tricks and tips: Rainbow Text

Welcome to Tumblr! This is an example text of how to make a Rainbow Text! Welcome to Tumblog-it! the perfect place to find tutorials, tricks, plugins and much more for you Tumblr blog! Learn to Tumblr the Easy-way!

Fun tricks and tips: Rainbow Text

1. Let's start by going to THIS website.
2. Now choose your text. And the rainbows you want to have. From 1-10
3. Then click on the SUBMIT button.

4. Now on the right side of the website, find your HTML and copy it.

5. Go to your Tumblr Blog Dashboard - Customize Theme - Edit HTML.
Don't know how to find the Customize Option? Click HERE! for the tutorial.

6. Paste your code where you want to show your text. Click on Update Preview to see how it looks. If you like it click SAVE then CLOSE. And you're finish!