Scrollbar Effect

If you want the scrollbar of your page more personalized than the plain one then insert this code in the Css  just above the < / s t y l e > tag:
To customize the srollbar background find this and replace the bolded part with the image that you want:

  •  background-image:url(;
To change the scrollbar main background find this part and put the color hex code that you want:
  • background: #FFC4D5;
Thats it.

NOTE: Works in Google Chrome ONLY.

Flick Photostream Code

1.Copy the code below and paste in the CSS area of the html code just above the < / style > tag:

2.After that copy the code below and paste in the sidebar of the theme you are using:

3.Now that you have applied all the codes needed go get you FLICKR ID.

If you dont see numbers when you go to your flick profile just go to this site and get your flickr ID:

4.After getting your flickr ID go to the code and paste in the FLICKR ID HERE part.
5.To adjust the color,image and number of photos showed pls edit the Code provided in step 1.

Scroll To Top Graphics!

Click on the image to get the code.
Place the code inside the <head> tags. Do not remove credits!

Typewriter Title Bar Effect

Paste the code in between the <head></head> tags.
Replace the TEXT HERE in the code into your own Title of your tumblr.

How to make amazing animation

Do you wanna make a gif like this?

»Just Click and Download this Software«

How To DownLoad And Install Fonts (

2. Choose the Fonts you want as for me i chose Bambino.
4.Then If you are using Mozilla Double Click on the file’s name=)
5. New window will open this is where you can extract the font from a zip file. If its in a RAR format you can download winrar through google=)  So CLICK extract file.
6.New window will open again..copy the extracted file=)
7.Click START and then look for CONTROL PANEL.
8. New window will open look for FONTS.Right click and paste!!


<form action=”” method=”post”><select name=”url” style=”width: 150px; height: 20px; font-size: 11px; background-color: #f0cef0; color: #000000;”><option>NAVIGATION</option>
<option value=”LINK HERE“>Name Of Link</option>
<option value=”LINK HERE“>Name Of Link</option>
<option value=”LINK HERE“>Name Of Link</option>
</select> <input type=”submit” style=”border-width: 2px; border-color: #000000; background-color: #4dcdd1;” value=”Go!”></form>
THE Bolded Text and numbers are can add another link by just adding another  ” <option value=”LINK HERE“>Name Of Link</option> ” in the code.

IF YOU DONT HAVE ANY IDEA ABOUT HTML you can just visit this Site:

ALL CREDITS TO: Myspacegens
NOTE: Pls retype the quotation marks!or it will not work.


1.Insert the following stylesheet into the <head> section of your page:

2.Insert the below code into the <body> section of your page.

3.Finally, add the following inside any link or page element that will contain a tooltip:

Example: <a href=”” onMouseover=”ddrivetip(‘Go Back To Main Page’,’#ffffff’, 200)”;onMouseout=”hideddrivetip()”>

How To Add Background Music

1. CLICK->
2.Type In The song that you want:
3.CLick The Title of The song:
4. 1.Click any of the skins you want
    2.Click The Word With Play
    3.Copy the code from BLOG
6.Find The Tab With “INFO”
7.Paste The code and youre done.
A. Set the height and width into “1”
B. Place the code In the Custom HTML Code Just After <HEAD>

How to Post Process pictures

The easiest way to add photo effects for photography, personal photo and etc. is to use the so called "Photoshop Actions"

Pls follow the picture below to know how: (Click to enlarge)

You can download tons of Photoshop Action on just type in the search box: Photoshop Actions

How to add mp3 player

1.First sign up here or here.
 2.After that upload the mp3 song that you want on the site that I mentioned for you to sign up above.Where to download mp3 songs? 4shared, ahh you can google it.
3.Copy the player's code below and paste in the notepad:
4.Go back to the site where you uploaded the mp3 get the file's Direct Url.The link must end in .mp3
5.Copy the direct link of the mp3.
 6.After copying the mp3's direct link go Find the word MP3 URL HERE in the players code and delete and replace it with the mp3's direct link or url.
7.Copy all the code and paste in the INFO box. thats beside the THEME menu on the customize page.
 8.It should play if you followed the instructions right:)