Tumblr Upgrade: The Reblog Option

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Hello Everyone! On January 25, 2013 Tumblr Staff officially release their new upgrade that will allow users to have an easier and fun experience with Tumblr. Here's a quick image of how the Reblog works.

An upgrade, years in the making…
When we imagined Tumblr more than seven years ago, we dreamed of offering creators a new canvas. Every post would be a raw look through the author’s eyes and mind. We imagined the interface disappearing as these subjects came to life.

For years, this vision was challenged by limits in browser technology and an increasingly daunting set of Tumblr features to support. But today, we take a huge step.
After months of careful crafting, we’ve reduced creation on Tumblr to its essence, while carrying over every single feature and making room for some BIG new ones (like completely customizable drag-and-drop photoset creation, faster uploads, and inline reblogging!). We can’t wait for you to try it.

Ok, so what's new? 
• Faster Reblogging.
• A new Reblog settings that allows you to Custom the URL, content and date.
• Language (you be able to choose different languages now)
• The Strikethrough option for you paragraph. (Example)

The upgrades have started rolling out and will be available for everyone already. If you have any issues make sure to contact them at the Help Center.

Tutorial: “You’ve been here __ times”

Hello Everyone! This is a quick tutorial of How to add the "You've been here ___ times". Enjoy!

Step 1: Copy the following code:

Step 2:
Go to your Tumblr Account.

Step 3: Customize your theme.
(Tutorial: Where is the “Customize Theme” Option?)

Step 4: Edit HTML and Paste the code where you want to have it.

Step 5: Click on "Update Preview" and if you like it click on "Save" then "Close". You're finish!

[special thanks to: Camila for the code]

New Fonts for your Tumblr! from Dafont.com

Here's your weekly Dafont.com newest fonts for you! And no, Tumblr is not affiliate it with this website - this article is only for public knowledge to make your blog and graphics even better!

Check the newest fonts! Remember the link post here will take you to the author's page - so you can directly download it. We do not take any credit for this fonts.

• Angilla Tattoo by Måns Grebäck
• Passing Notes by Vanessa Bays
• False 3D by Galdino Otten
• Andriko by Andrii Shevchyk
• Praying Angel by TattooWoo
Tims Grocery Store by TattooWoo
• News Board TFB by kaiserzharkhan
• Okula Hayir Soft by Serdar A.
• Armorhide by Neale Davidson
• Cupertino by Audio Electric Systems
• Maya Culpa by mch
• Stone by Audio Electric Systems 
• Alright Scrapbooky by Denise Bentulan

044: that ain't hep hap, baby.

※ color changing options are available.

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