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Here's your weekly newest fonts for you! And no, Tumblr is not affiliate it with this website - this article is only for public knowledge to make your blog and graphics even better!

Check the newest fonts! Remember the link post here will take you to the author's page - so you can directly download it. We do not take any credit for this fonts.

Zoa Elephantesque by Mael.K
Ralph Walker by Intellecta Design 
Intercorp by Nathan Caldecott
Brandons Handwriting by Brandon Sweeney
WubDub by Kerem Ali Kaynak
•  Curly Wurly by Isabella Byers 
•  Isabella by Isabella Byers
Stickman by Isabella Byers
CjFont1 by Caj Mrcs
KG Just Give Me A Reason by Kimberly Geswein
Exiles by Intellecta Design
Time Machine by TattooWoo 
Heartbreaks by Des Gomez

045: bloody teeth.

※ color changing options are available.
※ option to change font and font size.

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New Backgrounds! in our Tumblr Library

New Backgrounds! in our Tumblr Library
• Black and White Backgrounds
• Animal Prints
• Grey Backgrounds
• Happy Birthday (new!)
• Pastel-Colour Backgrounds
• Photo-Quotes Backgrounds (new!)

Visit our Library: HERE
For a full tutorial how to use the Library click: HERE

Tutorial: How to re-size a image? using HTML

Hello Everyone! For this tutorial I'm gonna teach you How to re-size a image? using HTML, the easy way! For a quick definition of what HTML means you can visit our Tumblog-it dictionary. Here's a image of what you will be doing in this tutorial, trust me is super easy!

• First step is Log in your Tumblr Account. (of course! who doesn't know that?)

• Tumblr allows you to customize your images using different tools, you can write a message or change your template, whatever your doing, find the option that allows you to use HTML. For example in messages looks like:

While in the Template customization looks like:

• Now COPY the following code, and PASTE it wherever you want to have the image:

• Replace MY IMAGE URL, the width and height of this example.
• If you have no idea how to size your image, I made a few examples:

 (width) 100x100 (height)

 (width) 200x250 (height)

 (width) 400x250 (height)

Tips: Just play with the numbers till you reach the perfect size that you wish for! Let us know if this tutorial was helpful by clicking on the check-boxes below. Thank you.

site name ideas.

※ please let me know if you have taken any of the names below by commenting on this post so i can cross them out and prevent anyone else from using them.
※ all names are listed in alphabetical order.
※ if you're not sure that something means, let me direct you to google.
• amethyst

• billet-doux
• bleeding skies

• candid spirits
• creme roses

• dead willows
• desperate librarian
• dulcet elixir

• earth tones

• (fields of) juniper

• gore dreams
• gruesome guests

• haywire
• hollow screams

• imprint
• iridescent glitter

• jail birds

• milk teeth/bones
• morbid lullabies

• negative pill[s]

• omnipresent
• onyx tears

• paper hearts
• plastic faces

• quiet screams

• ripped tongues

• saccharine
• sick nurses
• sleeping tigers

• tranquil dreams

• unicorn carcass

• vanquished

• whispering sea
• winged demons
• witch's honey

• N/A

• N/A

• N/A

Tumblrstalkr No More.

Hello Everyone! For those who know about the Tumblrstalkr extension/plugin it has been close by the owner. If you still wish to visit the website go to: Tumblrstalkr. Tumblog-it will keep track & updates to notify everyone if the page goes online again. 

Tumblog-it! says... Did you know that about Tumblr?

Hello Everyone! Here's another Tumblog-it says ... Did you know that about Tumblr? - Did you know Tumblr allows you to install Extensions to simplify your Tumblr experience? 

Extensions are extra features or small programs that can be add it  to your web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer). By using an extension on Tumblr you can simplify many options, for example: you can re-blog faster, see who un-follow you, in other words allows you to blog faster and easier.

Ready to try One? Here's a list of tutorials we have made to help you understand better "How to Install an Extension".

Easy Mode!
• Missing-E! The new Tumblr Experience!
• Extension: Tumblr Life. Re-blogging have never been so easy!
• Extension: Tumblr Edit Tags 

Not-so easy Mode!
• Tutorial: How to Change your Dashboard Background (for Mozilla Firefox users)
• Tutorial: How to Change your Dashboard Background  (for Google Chrome users)

Adventure Times Pixels for your Tumblr Blog

Hello Everyone! Trying to make your Tumblr blog more fun and colourful? Try this fun Adventure Times Pixels. Credit & website are link below of each pixel collection, in case you wish to see more pixels of different a category.

Pixel Adventure Time Cast by ~vanishing-trees