How to convert Blogskin to Tumblr theme

1.First Visit This Site and Choose The theme That you wanna use for tumblr:)
2.DOWNLOAD the Themes Code.

3.Find This part of the Code and DELETE!!!!!!!!
  • <BlogItemTitle>
  • <$BlogItemTitle$>
  • </BlogItemTitle>
  • <$BlogItemBody$>
Or you can just find the <blogger> tag delete  all the code inside it until </blogger> just like the picture below.

4.CLICK THE LINK BELOW ,COPY AND PASTE THE CODE IN THE DELETED PART OF THE CODE above to replace the blogger's main code with tumblrs.
IMPORTANT CODE: Click this for the code

5.After that we have two CSS to fix/add..what the hell is CSS?ahmm nothing it will just make your layout more lovely.The first css code is for the post details the ones with "reblog link,time/date posted" whatever  you can find it below the post.

Add this code just before the </style> tag!find that..then paste this:

.tumblrdate {
padding: 5px 0 0 0;
font-family:  arial, serif;
text-transform: uppercase;

You can edit the code above,the font style,color and so-on.the second code is for the Post title!

.header { 
font: 25px  Trebuchet Ms; 
text-transform: uppercase; 
line-height: 130%;
text-align:  ; 

6.Copy All The Codes and you can apply the theme now:) We are Done Converting!!!!!