#3 Tutorial: Using a URL as a LINK on your posts

Hello Everyone! You have reach the final Tutorial on How to add Direct Links on a Post. For this step-by-step tutorial I will show you how to Add a URL as a Link on your post, Is super easy and the quickest technique of all three.

If you wish to see the other techniques, you can visit:
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Tutorial #3 Full URL on your Post

1. This tutorial is alike the #2, you must first choose the text option. Create your paragraph or sentences.

2. Now copy the URL you wish to share, and PASTE it on the Post. Here's an example:

3. To finish just click on Publish and you're done. This is one of the simple + quick ways of Links. It is used by most Tumbloggers, why? cause is super easy!

Tumblog-it! Tips: If your URL is to long it doesn't look appealing to the visitors, try the Tutorials #1 and #2 for a shorter link.