Flying Twiiter Bird For Tumblr

Want a cute twitter bird flying around your blog?well just simply copy the code below and add it below the
< body >

  • Go to customize then click the "THEME" menu then on your keyboard press ctrl + f then type 
  • < body > (with no space) then just below the body tag paste the code.also dont forget to replace the USERNAME HERE with your twitter username.

Save and Close.

Adobe Photoshop

CS4 PORTABLE - Works in Windows XP

And here is the link for the Adobe Photoshop CS5 program - works in windows 7
Link 2

Important Scripts to install on tumblr

If you want this to show in your dashboard:

Install this:

And if you want to show someone's ask without going to their page..

Install this:
On your dashboard hover the person's Icon then you'll see something like this:
click that and it click the ask  The ask will not show up of her ask is not enabled:p

How to track Anons

Tutorial from:

1. highlight the block button

2. right click the highlighted and select.
* note: it may be worded differently depending on the browser you use.

3. find where it says i.p, highlight & copy
*note: i took out some random numbers of mine so i dont get creeps ;)

4. paste the i.p address in the following website to get town & state, address is NOT correct, you can even try your own.
*note: not always accurate, most of the time tho.


How to create a separate page on tumblr

Go here: