Searching for white-original and easy to Install Themes? Visit Themes by Doxx

Searching for white (pastel colours), original and customizable themes? then I found the perfect blog for you: Themes by Doxx. With easy:
• Customizable Html Coding
• Live Preview of the Theme
• Easy - Install Button install theme
• Organize and user-friendly blog
For more visit:

Minx Live Preview 1 | Live Preview 2
Pragmatic Live Preview
[photo credit:]
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Tutorial: Add Neon Light Text to your blog!

Hello Everyone! And welcome to another Colourful Tutorial for you Blog! Did you saw the Flash words above this comment? Wonder how to do it? Well is super easy! Let's start adding colour to your blog right now!

• First COPY the following code:

• Now Log in to your Tumblr.
• Find the blog that you wish to add the Neon Colour Text.
• Go to Blog Settings to start Customizing your theme. If you don't know how to find Customizing theme click HERE! for the tutorial.
• Click on EDIT HTML.
• Now PASTE the code where you want to have the Neon Words.

• We're doing to EDIT the text, how you do that? Easy! Find the words: Welcome to Dynamic Drive and change it with whatever you wanna say.
• And you're finish! Happy Blogging!

Special thanks to: for the coding.

Tutorial: Recover your Old Theme Back

Sometimes we delete or make a mistakes in our Tumblr template and sure is a pain to fix it all back together the way it was! But now Tumblr have made it easy for us -- with a new Tumblr feature that allows you to recover an old version of your theme back. No more original layout re-installing!  How can you do that? Well let me start the tutorial right now! Keep scrolling and you'll have your theme back in no time.

Note: You can only restore the layout of your theme, not the content.


1. First Log in your Tumblr.
2. Go to THIS website, and recover your Custom Theme.
3. Choose the blog you want to Recover. A window like this will appear:

4. Your going to see the TIME you edited the custom html and the "Revert" button. If you don't know or you forgot what changes you did you can click on "Show changes".

5. Click on the Revert Time - you wish to change the theme. It will take you to you main page (home) of your Tumblr blog. And you're done! Now you have your old theme back again. Happy Blogging!

Tutorial: How to add the Previous/Next (codes) Navigation Buttons

Hello Everyone! Here's a quick tutorial on how to add the Previous/Next (codes) Navigation Buttons to your Tumblr Blog. It makes it easier to search the history of the blog.

This is how the buttons look .

1. First thing we need to do is COPY the following code:

2. Go to your Tumblr Blog Dashboard. 
• Customize Theme
• Edit HTML
• Now look for the code {Description} on your theme, you can use Control + F for a faster search.
• You will find more than one tag {Description} find the one that's related with your description.

3. PASTE the code after the {Description} tag.
4. Click on Update Preview to see how it looks like.

Tumblog-it! New Layout

Hello Everyone! Have you notice I change the layout of Tumblr - I was tired of the old black style one. I added a new color : BLUE! Hope you all like it. For easier tutorial search now we have on the right sidebar:

• Most Wanted Tutorials
• Music Tutorials
• Widget and Tools
• Extensions / Plugins

The full List of Tutorials is on the Top Bar of the blog. I also added a new Poll. Let's vote! Thanks for always visiting Tumblog-it!

Don't forget to visit our forums!

Don't forget to visit our forums!
• Promote your blog!
• See other Tumblr blogs
• Play Arcade Games
• See the latest news from Tumblr and Tumblog-it!
• Chat with friends and other Tumblr users.
• Check the latest Themes from Tumblr and Tumblr blogs
• Much more!

Tutorial: How to Add a Search Box on your Tumblr Blog

Here's a quick tutorial of how to add a Search Box for your Tags. Is quick easy and fun. Here's how the Search Box looks like:

Note: You can change the "Find" word with: search, Find me, what your looking for?, etc.

1. Let's start. COPY the following code, and PASTE it between the tags <head>  and </head>.

2. Now COPY this code - and PASTE wherever you want to have the Search Box. 

[coding courtesy of:]

Fun tricks and tips: Rainbow Text

Welcome to Tumblr! This is an example text of how to make a Rainbow Text! Welcome to Tumblog-it! the perfect place to find tutorials, tricks, plugins and much more for you Tumblr blog! Learn to Tumblr the Easy-way!

Fun tricks and tips: Rainbow Text

1. Let's start by going to THIS website.
2. Now choose your text. And the rainbows you want to have. From 1-10
3. Then click on the SUBMIT button.

4. Now on the right side of the website, find your HTML and copy it.

5. Go to your Tumblr Blog Dashboard - Customize Theme - Edit HTML.
Don't know how to find the Customize Option? Click HERE! for the tutorial.

6. Paste your code where you want to show your text. Click on Update Preview to see how it looks. If you like it click SAVE then CLOSE. And you're finish!

New Fonts for your Tumblr! from

Here's your weekly newest fonts for you! And no, Tumblr is not affiliate it with this website - this article is only for public knowledge to make your blog and graphics even better! 

Check the newest fonts! Remember the link post here will take you to the author's page - so you can directly download it.

Tutorial: How to add a Link on your Description

If you ever wonder How to add a Link on your Description Box - is super easy!
How to add a Link on your Description - is a very easy and fast tutorial, all you need to do is:

1. Log into your Tumblr Account.
2. On the Top of the Page find the Blog Settings. The icon looks like a wheel- like in the photo:

3. Choose the Blog you want to add a Link to the Description and click on Theme Customize. If you don't know how to find it you can click on the Tutorial: Where is the “Customize Theme” Option?

3. Find the Description Box and type the following code: (you can copy-paste)
<a href=”url”>Link text</a>

4. Now replace
• url = with the url (internet address) that you want your visitors to visit
• Link text = is what your visitors are going to see on the blog.

5. After you finish changing the url and Link text - click on "Update preview" and if you like how it looks click SAVE then CLOSE. You just added a Link to your Description Box -- here's an example of how it looks like:

Youtube best Tumblr Videos! ++ Must Watch. And a Tumblr Musical Video?

Here's the best Youtube related to Tumblr: From tutorials, tricks, tips and websites that will  help you create a great Tumblr Blog! 

#1 How to use Tumblr (basics)
In this tutorial, I'll be going through the basics of setting up a Tumblr blog. There's a lot of different ways to get started blogging - the choices available to you are actually quite mindboggling. But if you're looking for an extremely simple way to start a blog, or if you're just interested in consolidating the content you post from other sources, Tumblr is an easy to use platform to handle it. [credit: thoughtshots]

#2 How to change your avatar image on Tumblr

#3 Tutorial: How to Make a Tumblr
This tutorial covers how to sign up for tumblr. This tutorial was made for a project at Rowan University for the course Informational Architecture. [credit: tumblrtutorials]

Tumblr: The Musical


It’s Tumblr Tuesday! Here’s some Tumblr blogs we hope you’ll enjoy.
The Daily Forlorn
Paul Hornschemeier posts daily drawings of filmmakers, toys, Victorian beasts, authors, work in progress, and character actors from bygone TV, all in an attempt to map his own brain. Above: An internal self-portrait.
The good people at the Discovery Channel love sharks so much that they’re celebrating the 25th anniversary of Shark Week this very moment!
Literary Jukebox
Daily quote from a favorite book, thematically matched with a song.
SciSpotlight: NYSCI News Digest
Updates on events and topics based on science, technology, and learning from the New York Hall of Science.
Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston is a non-collecting institution dedicated to presenting the best and most exciting international, national, and regional art.
For more updates on what’s new, check the official New & Notable Tumblrsblog!

New! free modern-style Users Online Counter

Want to have a new modern style users online counter? Then I found the perfect page for you! Come visit MyUsersOnline - and add a modern FREE users online counter. 

How to add the modern-users online counter to your blog:
1. Go to - add your URL, choose your text colour and  counter Style. COPY the code they give you.

2. Go to your Blog Dashboard, click on Customize Theme.

3. Click on Edit HTML and PASTE the code from MyUsersOnline where you want to  have the online counter.

4. Click on Update Preview - if you like how it looks like SAVE then CLOSE. Happy Blogging!

Here's a preview of the one I choose for Tumblog-it!

#3 Tutorial: Using a URL as a LINK on your posts

Hello Everyone! You have reach the final Tutorial on How to add Direct Links on a Post. For this step-by-step tutorial I will show you how to Add a URL as a Link on your post, Is super easy and the quickest technique of all three.

If you wish to see the other techniques, you can visit:
Tutorial #2 How to Make a Word Link within a paragraph
Tutorial #3 Full URL on your Post

1. This tutorial is alike the #2, you must first choose the text option. Create your paragraph or sentences.

2. Now copy the URL you wish to share, and PASTE it on the Post. Here's an example:

3. To finish just click on Publish and you're done. This is one of the simple + quick ways of Links. It is used by most Tumbloggers, why? cause is super easy!

Tumblog-it! Tips: If your URL is to long it doesn't look appealing to the visitors, try the Tutorials #1 and #2 for a shorter link. 

#2 Tutorial: How to add a Word Link on your Post

Hello Everyone! This is the Tutorial #2 of How to add a Word Link. Is super easy and I be showing you step-by step how to do it. If you wish to visit our previous / next Tutorial on How to add a link just click on:

- Tutorial #1 How to Make a Direct Link Post
- Tutorial #3 Full URL on your Post

1. In this tutorial you will learn to add a "Word Link" within a paragraph. What does this mean? It means when the person "clicks" on a word, he/she will be re-direct to another website or blog. Like the photo-example below:


2. To begin, you must create a paragraph, using the Dashboard option called "Text". Write your paragraph or sentences.

3. To Insert / Add a Word Link, you must select a text to do this simple double-click on the word or click where you want to begin the selection, hold down the left mouse button, and then drag the pointer over the text that you want to select.

4. Now that you have Select a Word, click on the "Insert/Edit Link Option" like in the photo below:

5. You're almost finish, now simply add the URL and Title of the Word Link. The title is the short-description that appears when your visitor hovers over the selected word. For example my description will say "This is Tumblog-it

Tumblog-it! Tips → Open Link a new Window → Recommended for visitors, easy friendly interface, allows the visitor to fast-navigate to another website without leaving your Tumblr blog.

6. To finish just click on "Insert Link" and you're Word Link is ready. If you wish to Link a complete sentence just follow the same instructions. Just Publish the Post and you have learn how to do a WORD LINK, good job!

Tutorial: How to make a Direct Link Post?

Hello Everyone! Since Tumblr is always up-grading and changing layouts (lol!) Tumblog-it! will keep updating the tutorials. To make a Direct Link Post there's 3 different options, but for now I will give you a tutorial step-by-step of the easiest way of making a Direct-Link.

If you wish to see the other techniques, you can visit:
- Tutorial #2 How to Make a Word Link within a paragraph
- Tutorial #3 Full URL on your Post

1. The fast + easy technique to Direct Link a Post is using the "Link Option" on your Dashboard. (your Tumblr homepage), the button looks like:

2. A small window will appear, like the picture below. If you add the URL (internet address) Tumblr will automatically give you the Name and description of the website/blog.

3. You can change the name and description if you don't like it. The "green name / box" is how the Link will be post on your Tumblr. Click on "Publish" and you finish. See how easy was that?

Searching for Luxurious Themes?

This is the best Tumblr-blog I have found with Luxurious Themes, and I must share it with you all. If you're searching for elegant-luxury themes for your Tumblr Blog this is the best blog you'll find, but first here's what you need to know: 

• Can customize the themes
• Keep all credits.
• Not use them as base codes for your own public themes.
• Not redistribute them as your own.
• You are allowed to tweak the themes, but only for your own personal use.

How to Add or Edit Text on your Pop-Out Ask Box?

Hello Everyone! I have been ask many times "How to Add or Edit Text on your Pop-Out Ask Box?" and here's the answer.

REMEMBER: You must first enable the ask box for any ask options to work. How you do that? Click HERE for the tutorial.

○ Let's start with the pop-out ask box from Tutorial: Get a Pop-Out Ask Box for your Tumblr Blog, after you finish that. You'll notice in Step #3 the 
Ask Me Anything is where you're going to add whatever you want the visitors to see in your ask Box. You will use HTML coding to do it.

Important Note: If you add the Pop-Out Ask Box from another website, just find the photo code or something similar. Here's the code, just copy-paste it and find it on your blog. (remember you can use CONTROL + F for a faster search)


○ After adding the HTML coding that you want - click on SAVE then CLOSE. Visit your blog and CLICK on the "Ask Link" your blog have.
Here's great Links that will help you out with the HTML codes:
• Tutorial: How to add a HTML Links to your Tumblr Blog

Icons and Buttons: Part #2

Icons and Buttons: Part #2 - If you miss the Part #1 you can visit it HERE. Happy Blogging!

(icons and buttons found at: brennahaspixels)

        … …