Tutorial: Recover your Old Theme Back

Sometimes we delete or make a mistakes in our Tumblr template and sure is a pain to fix it all back together the way it was! But now Tumblr have made it easy for us -- with a new Tumblr feature that allows you to recover an old version of your theme back. No more original layout re-installing!  How can you do that? Well let me start the tutorial right now! Keep scrolling and you'll have your theme back in no time.

Note: You can only restore the layout of your theme, not the content.


1. First Log in your Tumblr.
2. Go to THIS website, and recover your Custom Theme.
3. Choose the blog you want to Recover. A window like this will appear:

4. Your going to see the TIME you edited the custom html and the "Revert" button. If you don't know or you forgot what changes you did you can click on "Show changes".

5. Click on the Revert Time - you wish to change the theme. It will take you to you main page (home) of your Tumblr blog. And you're done! Now you have your old theme back again. Happy Blogging!