Tutorial: How to Re-blog from We ♥ it!

What's We ♥ it? 
We ♥ it, is a website that allows you to collect your favourite images and share it with everyone (and is free)! including Tumblr. This website have become one of the best photo-search tool for many bloggers, and here's why, let me teach you "How to Re-blog from We ♥ it!"

1. FIRST you must know that:
- You must be log in your Tumblr Account.
- You don't need to sign up in We heart it.com to reblog photos/images.

2. Visit their website Weheartit.com and look for the Search option. Type any topic you wish to see, for example I will type "landscape".

3. Click enter on your keyboard or the search button and a all the photos related to "landscape" (the word for this example) will appear.To re-blog a photo you like, click on the right-side icon (not in the heart) and a new window will open. It will ask you to choose between Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter. Choose Tumblr.

Too see the picture at the original size simply click directly on the photo.

4. Once you choose to re-blog the photo on Tumblr a new window will open. Look at the bottom of the window and click on "Create Post". The photo will instantly upload in your Tumblr blog. Visit your Dashboard and the picture will be there.

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— I added more Vintage and Pastel-Backgrounds. Don’t forget to visitTumblog-it! Library if your looking for Backgrounds for your Blog. 

Welcome to Tumblog-it! Backgrounds Library!

Hello Everyone! Imagine you like a background for your Tumblr blog, but can't find it again? Tumblog-it have created a full Library FREE of use for you. Discover all the backgrounds available! 

Click HERE to see the full Library!

1. Click on the arrow from the left-side column and you be able to see all the Backgrounds FREE for your Tumblr Blog!


2. So you want a background? What to do? Click on the background you wish and on the right-side of your screen find the LINKS available for the photo:

3. Click on the code, and it will automatically copy the code and paste it on your blog. 

Copyrights: We do not take any credit for any background FREE and public to use for Tumblr Users. If you're the owner of the background image and do not wish you publish it - send us a message HERE. With the category and description of your background.

043: that isn't very chanel.

※ color changing options are available.

img preview | live preview | code

Tutorial: How to add "Read More" when Replying / Answering someone

Hello Everyone! I made a tutorial that allows you to add the option "Read More" when creating a Post of any type (photo, text, quote, etc) but what happens when you have to Reply or Answer someone who writes you a private message. Where is the "Read More" option? There's none!

Let me teach you how to add the "Read More" when Replying or Answering someone.

• First you must be Log in you Tumblr Account.
• On your Dashboard find the INBOX button on the top corner of the Tumblr page and click on it.

• Once you open the message, you'll notice there's no "Read More" or "Page Break" icon. What to do?
1. Type your paragraph. Add a photo and do everything normal. Now when you want to add the "read more" find the HTML option, like in the following photo:

2. Where you want to add the "read more" add the following code: <p>[[MORE]]</p>

3. Now click on the UPDATE at the end of the window.
4. Now on the message window you'll see the "Read More" option. Like the photo below: Click on Publish and you're done!

Blue Backgrounds for your Tumblr Blog.

Have you been searching for blue backgrounds? Last time I posted more than +25 different DARK backgrounds, now is time for BLUE fun backgrounds.

These backgrounds are FREE and repeatable for your Tumblr blog. Tumblog-it! doesn't take any credit for this background. This backgrounds are free to use provide by different websites:


Right click and Save Picture As...

Right click and Save Picture As...

Right click and Save Picture As...

Right click and Save Picture As...

squares geometric lines snowflakes blue floral planets and stars Blue Abstract Vector Background  Technology Theme Background Vector  

Blue Floral Vector Background 







100+ Photoshop Backgrounds and Patterns in Shades of Blue




Tutorial: How to Like a Post. You like a post? added to your "Like List"

If you like it - just hit the LIKE button! No, seriously if you like a post why don't you make it one of your favourites? For this post I am gonna teach you How to like a post. Sometimes you like the photo or text so much that you don't wanna let it go, let me teach you how to make it a "favourite" on your Tumblr. And is very easy! 

First of all, when you "LIKE" a post, Tumblr will added to your "favourite post list". Let's start by:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
How to like a post?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Step One: Log into you Tumblr Account.
• Find the post that you like, and on the top right you'll see a little heart-shape icon.

• Simply click on the heart and you be adding the post to your favourite list. 

• But how can you find your LIKE list? Easy! To find your LIKE list simply search under your Blog name, where it says "Like # of Posts" click on the option and it will take you to your favourite posts. Happy Blogging!

Fun tricks and tips: Movie GIFS - Part #1


Movie Gifs! What's the best part of having a gif? Is animated and is so much fun to use as a "reply" on Tumblr. Here are some of my favourite GIFS that I would like to share with you all. 

If you don't know what GIF means, here's a quick definition from our Tumblr Dictionary:

GIF: gif is a type of format for image files. Most of the time GIF in tumblr means photo animations.

NOTE: Wait a Bit for the Page to LOAD!