Tutorial: Add Neon Light Text to your blog!

Hello Everyone! And welcome to another Colourful Tutorial for you Blog! Did you saw the Flash words above this comment? Wonder how to do it? Well is super easy! Let's start adding colour to your blog right now!

• First COPY the following code:

• Now Log in to your Tumblr.
• Find the blog that you wish to add the Neon Colour Text.
• Go to Blog Settings to start Customizing your theme. If you don't know how to find Customizing theme click HERE! for the tutorial.
• Click on EDIT HTML.
• Now PASTE the code where you want to have the Neon Words.

• We're doing to EDIT the text, how you do that? Easy! Find the words: Welcome to Dynamic Drive and change it with whatever you wanna say.
• And you're finish! Happy Blogging!

Special thanks to: dynamicdrive.com for the coding.