Enjoy 15 original, vintage and creative themes!

Hello Tumblog-it! followers enjoy 15 original, vintage and creative themes, completely FREE for your Tumblr. Enjoy! and remember Tumblog-it! doesn't take credit for this themes, the credit belongs to Tumblr and their authors. 

* How to visit the theme? - Simply click on the box that says "Visit the theme!"  *

1. Theme Title: Paper Stacks
Features: All post types, Custom colors, Custom images,
Disqus comments, High res,Localization and Tags.
Description:  Paper Stacks, the first Tumblr theme designed for touch. Developed in collaboration by FiftyThree and ALLDAYEVERYDAY. Paper Stacks is a beautiful new way to showcase your ideas and inspiration discovered across the web.

2. Theme title: Club Monaco
Features: Custom images, , High res,Localization and Tags.
Description: Introducing the official Club Monaco Theme - the international lifestyle brand that designs fashion and accessories for men & women. Create & experience your own Fashion Lookbook.

3.  Theme Title: Holepunch
Features: Custom colors
Description: Holepunch is a vintage-inspired theme that draws influence from the patriotic and domestic visual culture of the cold war era. It uses Google web-fonts to give your blog a spiffy new type treatment, features css3 transitions, and has a fully customizable color palette.

4.  Theme Title: Luxury Notes
Features: Custom colors, Search
Description: Luxury Notes is the ideal theme for blogs that wish to present a notebook or scrapbook style. Very easy to customize, user-friendly and completely free.

5. Theme Title: Leatherbound Theme
Features: Custom colors, Search, Disqus Comments 
Description: Leatherbound Theme is a very simple theme, it presents a notebook or scrapbook style. User-friendly and perfect for Tumblr beginners.

6. Theme Title: Natural Elegance
Features: All post types, Custom colors, Disqus comments, 
Following, Localization and Tags.
Description:A beautiful, dark theme perfect for showcasing all of your content. Customizations include font style and link color, show/hide tags, endless scrolling, Disqus support, and more. Support for custom background image coming soon.

7.  Theme Title: Ashley
Features: All post types, Custom colors, Custom images,
High res, Search and Tags.
Description: Ashely is a photography style theme, very easy to use and customize.

8. Pink Touch2
Features: Custom colors, Disqus comments, Localization and Tags.
Description: Pink Touch is a simple journal theme. Is easy to customize and perfect for Tumblr beginners.

9. Theme Tittle: Ethanol
Features: Custom colors, Custom images and Localization.
Description: Here is my fifth Tumblr theme, this is a responsive theme with optional things like top bar, menu, baseline, social links, infinite scroll, modal boxes, custom logo, and with a variant without posts footer.

10.  Theme Title: Tumbler
Features: All post types, High res and Tags
Description: Tumbler on Tumblr, the Gotham influenced Tumblr theme that pays homage to our favorite summer blockbuster. A theme that would make the all the "I am the night" fans weep, download now for free and celebrate your seriousness as a fan boy.

11. Theme Title: Effector Theme
Features: All post types, Custom colors, Custom images, Disqus comments, Following, Group blog support, High res, Likes, Localization, Tags and Twitter
Description: Effector Theme is a simple 2-columns theme, very easy to customize. Ideal for Tumblr beginners.

12. Theme Title: Syndex
Features: All post types, Custom colors, Custom colors,
Custom images, High res, Localization and Tags.
Description: Syndex is an uncompromising, highly functional mood board. Nothing stands in the way of your media and viewers. 

13. Theme Tittle: Single A
Features:  All post types, Custom colors, Custom images,
Disqus comments, Following, Group blog support, Likes, Search, Tags and Twitter.
Description: The Single A tumblr theme introduces two new features: the sticky post and featured posts. It is a simple, but super customizable free theme.

14. Theme Title: TWO
Features: All post types, Custom colors, Custom images,
Localization and Tags.
Description: A responsive grid layout theme, suitable for all blog types. Fast and user friendly.

15. Theme Title: Simple Things
Features: Custom colors, Disqus comments, Following,
Likes, Localization, Search and Tags.
Description: With support for appearance customization, it's easy to fine-tune to your liking. Hide or show tags, integrate Disqus for post comments, add Google Analytics, endless scrolling, and tweak general colors.

Android App: Know the basics and FAQ

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Know the basics on your Tumblr App for Android devices (tablet or cellphone). For this tutorial, I explain the "icons" on your main page.

1. After you download the app you notice the 4-top-buttons on your tablet or phone.
Home (the house icon) This is your Dashboard, your home page in Tumblr. This will show you the posts, re-blogs, quotes, links, videos and photos.

Search icon allows you to find anything in Tumblr. From blogs, people or posts.

→ The third option looks like a "human icon" this is your Likes, Following List (the blogs you follow) and settings options. 

→ The four option (lighting icon) is your info-panel. It displays the people who re-blogs, follows or likes your posts and your Tumblr blog. This option is automatic and it keeps track of your followers. For example if someone joins your blog or likes post - this panel will display it.

2. Frequently Asked Questions from our Tumblog-it! Community
How to Log in?
→ Log in your Dashboard (homepage) on the bottom of the screen says "Log in".

I am new to Tumblr, how can I Sign up (make a new account)?
→ To make a new account visit the Settings Option
→ And click where it says "Sign up and get more"
→ Type your account + password and you'll have a Tumblr account.

How to Log off your Tumblr Android App?
→ Visit your Settings Option  and click on "Settings"
→ At the end of the screen find the "Log out option" and click.

How to find my LIKES, blogs I FOLLOW and my OTHER TUMBLR BLOGS?
→ This three options are available on your Settings Option 

New! Learn to use Tumbrl the easy way! Android version - Coming Soon!

→ [Coming Soon!] We have great news for our Tumblog-it! Community for this new year 2014 your #1 Tumblr Tutorial Website brings you:
- Learn to use Tumblr on your Android!
- Step-by-Step tutorials and photos for the Tumblr application on Android cellphones and Tablets.
- Application reviews for Tumblr from the Android stores. Plugins, Tumblr readers and much more!
Thank you everyone for being part of our Tumblog-it! Community! Let’s keep growing together with TUMBLR!