Tutorial: How to show text when hover on image

Hello everyone!  This is a quick and easy-Tutorial: How to show text when hover on image. I try many HTML codes to see if they work in Tumblr and I found one that enables you to add text when someone hovers the mouse on the photo or image. Here's a quick look from my example blog:

Note: Code only works on a HTML theme. Not on posting messages.

1. First COPY the following code:

• Now let's add the code on your Tumblr Blog.
• Log into your Tumblr Account.
• Find the Account Settings. 

2. Now find the Website Theme  + Edit Theme.

PASTE the code where you want to have the photo: sidebar, top bar, etc. On my example blog I add the photo on the right-sidebar. Now you have to change some of the properties of the HTML code use the next photo as an example:

(click on the photo for a bigger view)

• Replace the Image URL with yours.
• Change the "Welcome to Tumblog-it! with the text you want to have when  a
visitor hovers on the photo.
• You can change the width and height however you want to.

• Click on Update Preview -- if you like it simply lick SAVE then CLOSE. It should look like:

Awesome Themes for your Blog!

Hello Everyone! Looking for Awesome Themes for your Blog! Tired of the same old boring theme? Want to try new ones? Here's 7-different themes from Tumblr to try out! Here's some related links that you might wanna try out!
• Searching for Luxurious Themes?
• Best Blogs for Themes - Page #1
• Max Davis Themes: free themes!



Miss Sourpuss


Punch of Intuition

The Stitch

[themes found at: webdesignerdepot.com]

Tutorial: Add an Image Header on Tumblr (Technique #1 and #2)

Hello Everyone! Want to add a Image Header but just don't know how? There's 2-simple ways to do it.

First we need to make the banner/image we want to use. Using a program like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro or even Paint will allow us to make the banner. If you don't have any programs to use, you can  make the banner on the following internet pages:

http://quickbanner.net/ (allows you to customize font, size and background of the banner)
http://www.flashvortex.com/ (ads-look-alike banner)

I will try to search for more available banner-maker websites, but till now I have only found those 2 safe websites. The other's activate Tumblr security system.

• Step 2. Once you have your banner using the website or program, we need to "upload" the banner to Tumblr. You can use: Tumblr upload static file or a free image host. If you don't know any here's a few FREE and safe image host you can use:

• Step 3. Now we have the banner. Let's go add it to  your Tumblr Blog.
○ Log in your Tumblr Account.
○ Find the Customize Theme Settings. If you don't know how visit: Tutorial: Where is the “Customize Theme” Option? (New Tumblr Design!)

• Now here's the important part. There's 2 techniques you can use to Add a Image Header on your Tumblr Blog. Let's start with the simplest one, and if you don't like it, try the second one.

○                 ○                 ○

Technique #1
1. Copy the following code:
 <img src="url" alt="some_text"/>

2. Paste the code below your <head> tag.
3. Change the URL for you banner URL.
4. Click on Update Preview and see how it looks like. If you like it, click on Save then Close.

○                 ○                 ○
Technique #2

1. Find the following code on your theme:
<div id="title"><a href="/">{Title}</a></div>
(use Control + F to find it faster)
2. Replace that code with this one:
<a href="/"><img src="Header_URL">

3. Replace the Header_URL with your banner URL link.
4. Click on Update Preview and if you like how it looks like, click on Save then Close.

Now you have finish and should have Image Header on your Tumblr Blog. Happy Blogging!

Update Tutorials for the new Re-design Tumblr.

Hello Everyone! Tumblr recently re-designed the user-dashboard or "interface" and have moved a few options. Here are some Tutorials I have made changes to, most of theme are related to the Customize Theme Option.

Where is the “Customize Theme” Option? (New Tumblr Design!)
•  How to Change your Portrait Photo (update new version!)
• How to Have a Second Blog  (update new version!)
 Share your Tumblr Posts with Twitter (update new version!)
•  How to Let people Submit Posts (update new version!)
 How to add a Link on your Description Box (update new version!)


Tumblr executive ed Jess Bennett and politics lead Liba Rubenstein are hosting an official unofficial meetup in LA this Thurs at Harvard & Stone.  Drink, hang, get a tan. Just don’t wear your Ed Hardy T-shirt, cause there is a no DB dresscode. Hope to see you there!
Paging LA Tumblr-ers.

Tutorial: Where is the “Edit Theme” Option?

Hello Everyone! Tumblr is constantly re-designing the user-dashboard or "interface", that's why it is important to always follow the updates and know where your options are! Tumbr change the Customize Theme option to Edit Appearance.

1. In your dashboard (main page) find the Account Settings on the right-top corner of your screen. The Account Settings is the last button, once you click find the Edit Appearance. 

2. Find the Website Theme and Edit Theme, and you're ready to start customizing your theme!

Tumblr Acting Weird? Tumblr pages not loading properly. Quick Tips!

Hello Everyone! I notice a lot of people having the same problem on Tumblr. The Tumblr website doesn't wanna load properly. If you're having this problem try the following solutions it might help you out:

• Refresh the page 1-3 (or more) times to see if it loads properly.
• Disable all your extensions on your browser: Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.
• Delete the cookies of your browser.
• Do you have the latest version of flash and java downloaded? Make sure your browser have the latest updates in flash and java. If you're using Google Chrome the flash updates are automatically.
• Try opening another browser from your main to see if Tumblr loads properly. For example if your main browser is Google Chrome try Firefox or Internet Explorer.
• If you have any Dashboard Background - remove it.
• This problem occurs sometimes when the Missing-E affects Tumblr, if you have the extension Missing-E disable it or uninstall it.
• If none of this options work, contact Tumblr Support and note that you try all the options before but didnt' work. How to find Tumblr Support? Go HERE and scroll the page down -- and click on Contact Support.
• Good Luck!

Update: I was searching for more solutions to this problem and I found a new method for FIREFOX users. By Ericson Villamin on Yahoo.com.

1. Open firefox
2. Type about:config on your search bar.
3. You will see a list of preference
4. Reset all highlighted (bold) preferences to default. to do that right click and click reset.
5. Restart browser

Extension: Tumblr Edit Tags (Learn to Tag the Easy Way!)

Hello Everyone! Did you know there's a easy way to Edit your Tags from your Dashboard? How? With the Extension Tumblr Edit Tags - allows you to Edit tags the easy way.

For this post I will do a quickly tutorial on How to Install this extension. Why? The extension is a Script and if doesn't install automatically you will have to follow the following steps to enable  Tumblr Edit Tags .

○          ○         ○

How to Install?

1. Visit the Tumblr life official website HERE.
2. Click on the Install button and find the script in your files. Don't know the icon for a Script? It should look like this:


3. To install the script simply drag-and-drop the file into your extensions options.
4. Enable the  Tumblr Edit Tags.
5. Go to the Tumblr Website and check your Blog Dashboard, right beside the text or photo, there's a new option that says "edit tags".

National Voter Registration Day from Tumblr Staff

From Tumblr Staff:
Next Tuesday, September 25, is National Voter Registration Day 
In 2008, 6 million Americans didn’t vote because they missed a registration deadline or didn’t know how to register. In 2012, resources to educate and mobilize voters have dwindled, fueling worries that many folks - especially young people - won’t turn out. We want to make sure no one is left out, so we’ve partnered with volunteers, celebrities, and organizations from all over the country who are hitting the streets on September 25.
If you’re not registered, or need to renew your registration, check out www.tumblr.com/meetups to find an event near you. 

If you’re already registered - or if there’s no event near you - organize your own NVRD meetup at www.tumblr.com/meetups/organize. We’ll send you everything you need! For more info, follow NVRD on Tumblr and look for the tag 925NVRD.

Tumblog-it! License - Please Read.

Since Tumblog-it! Is growing, and getting bigger means a great responsibility, here are a few copyrights I would like to share with all my visitors. Tumblog-it is a free community for everyone who wants to learn more about the Tumblr World. Read more below.

  • Attribution — You must give the original author credit.
  • Non-Commercial — You may not use this work for commercial purposes.
  • No Derivative Works — You may no

Tumblr Dictionary! from Tumblog-it!

Hello! I have been giving tutorials and links for everyone to help you improve the Tumblr experience, but I notice there's a lot of "tumblr words" people doesn't know about. I decide to make a Tumblr Dictionary so everyone can start knowing the most common words from tumblr.

What does re-blog means? What is a Post? and such. Please share this dictionary with anyone that is learning the Tumblr world. Remember to credit Tumblog-it for it! 

Extension: Tumblr Life. Re-blogging have never been so easy!

Tumblr Life simplifies your re-blogging! This extension allows you to re-blog super quick - what do i mean? easy just click on the re-blog button and the photo, text, quote - anything will be re-blog automatically. No more re-blogs pages.

Tumblr Life Features: 
• Adds quick reblog menu
• Adds links to text, photos, quotes and others to "Dashboard" menu
• Adds keyboard shortcuts

For this post I will do a quickly tutorial on How to Install this extension. Why? The extension is a Script and if doesn't install automatically you will have to follow the following steps to enable Tumblr Life.

○          ○         ○

How to Install?

1. Visit the Tumblr life official website HERE
2. Click on the Install button and find the script in your files. Don't know the icon for a Script? It should look like this:


3. To install the script simply drag-and-drop the file into your extensions options.
4. Enable the Tumblr Life. 
5. Go to the Tumblr Website and start re-blogging!

good news!

hello! long time no see!
i've gotten a couple of asks/messages on my tumblr asking about my theme making and i must say that they have inspired me to come back. to be honest, it was about 3 messages, but it as enough, lol. and i also missed coding. :( ♥
so yes, i will be returning! yay!
disregard the previous post about my leaving! it has been deleted. consider it only a hiatus.

however, i still find it difficult to work with the tumblr customize page, but i think i have found a way around that. on top of that, summer is over and i have already started school, so that leaves me less with my computer. /sob
i will try to update with themes or blogroll layouts at least once a month, like before, but this seems highly unlikely. i'm not too sure when the first theme will be posted, but i hope it's soon.
to start, i have updated villianz with a new layout! i really love this one and it's soft on the eyes. i hope you like it too.

and again, i thank those few who have been kind enough to tell me that they enjoy my themes. ilu all. ;u; ♥♥

a tagborad is currently unavailable, so if you have any theme/code related question, please send them here. if you have any personal questions for me, please send them here (please do, i love those!).

thank you for reading and i do apologize for any in convinces.
live well~ ♥

ps. i will most likely still be one a hiatus for a month or two. (blame school.)

Tumblog-it! News - More Missing-E tutorials

Hello Everyone! How are you today? I want to let you all know that I'm gonna start adding Missing-E tutorials. This Social feature is of great help for Tumblr Bloggers and let's be honest! It simplifies our life! 

For now the first tutorial available is:

Thanks everyone for visiting Tumblog-it! Don't forget to:
Participate in the Forums (promote yourself, themes for your blog, and more)

Tutorial: How to Re-blog myself? Using Missing-E

Hello Everyone! If you wish to re-blog yourself (because Tumblr doesn't allow you to) I recommend you to install the add-on or extension Missing-E. On this tutorial I will show you how to Re-blog yourself using Missing-E.

If you want to know more about Missing-E or wish to install it please visit: Missing-E! The new Tumblr Experience!

Ok, let's start the tutorial. First you must have install Missing-E for chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

1. Now depending on the browser you're using open the Missing-E extension.
Fore example if your using Chrome you'll go to
• Settings >> Extensions >> Options >> Post Features

If you're using FireFox:
• FireFox (top left corner) >> Add Ons >> Extensions

2. In Any browser that you're using (IE, Chrome, Firefox) Find the POST FEATURES option. Scroll all the way down and find the Reblog Yourself Option, make sure is all check marked.

3. Let's go to Tumblr now. Log in, and find the re-blog button on your Dashboard.  And there you have it, now you can re-blog yourself! thanks to Missing-E add-on.

Fun tricks and tips: Rainbow Text #2

Hello Everyone! Remember the Rainbow Text Tutorial? There's another website! -- Glitter-graphics.com, allows you to convert any text into rainbow! There's one small difference from Glitter-graphics.com than the previous tutorial you won't be able to choose how many rainbows you can add to the text.

Let's start making some rainbows, shall we? 
1. Let's go to the website Glitter-graphics.com to start our rainbow. Click HERE.
2. Now where it says "TYPE YOUR TEXT HERE" write whatever text you want to change into rainbow colour.
3. Click on GENERATE CODE.

4. Choose the option that says COPY THIS HTML CODE and copy-it.

5. Let's Log in your Tumblr. On the DASHBOARD find the Customize Theme.
6. Click on the EDIT HTML and PASTE the code where you want to have the rainbow text.
7. Remember to UPDATE PREVIEW to see how the text looks -- if you like it just click SAVE and then CLOSE. And you're done!

Note: If you're trying to send the rainbow text as a post (Aa) it won't work. I try already to send my rainbow text as a post on the dashboard but it didn't work only appears underline. It does work on your Tumblr blog.

Tutorial: How to know you’ve been tagged by someone on tumblr?

How to know you've been tagged by someone on tumblr? Want to know who tag you or search for your blog on Tumblr? It's super easy and it let's you know how many people actually search for your blog. 

• First Log in your Tumblr Account.
• To know that you  have been tagged, first you must track your own "blog name". How you do that? Visit Tutorial: Where is my Tag Option? Find & Add Tags, and ADD your name.

• Now Refresh the page (or click on the Tumblr Logo to visit your Dashboard again) and wait for people to "tag" your blog! Once your visit your tag again it should look like: