How to Add or Edit Text on your Pop-Out Ask Box?

Hello Everyone! I have been ask many times "How to Add or Edit Text on your Pop-Out Ask Box?" and here's the answer.

REMEMBER: You must first enable the ask box for any ask options to work. How you do that? Click HERE for the tutorial.

○ Let's start with the pop-out ask box from Tutorial: Get a Pop-Out Ask Box for your Tumblr Blog, after you finish that. You'll notice in Step #3 the 
Ask Me Anything is where you're going to add whatever you want the visitors to see in your ask Box. You will use HTML coding to do it.

Important Note: If you add the Pop-Out Ask Box from another website, just find the photo code or something similar. Here's the code, just copy-paste it and find it on your blog. (remember you can use CONTROL + F for a faster search)


○ After adding the HTML coding that you want - click on SAVE then CLOSE. Visit your blog and CLICK on the "Ask Link" your blog have.
Here's great Links that will help you out with the HTML codes:
• Tutorial: How to add a HTML Links to your Tumblr Blog