rules of usage.

※ free tumblr themes brought to you by xochitl.
※ you may alter to your liking.
※ do not remove credit!
※ do not resubmit/steal/etc.
※ do comment on blog posts for the theme.
※ please read my faq before asking anything.
※ do not send me theme-related questions here or at my tumblr please.
※ send all code/theme questions to my formspring or comment on the blog post.
※ send all personal questions to

theme info.
※ all themes were created in mozilla firefox.
※ themes were created in a resolution of 1280 x800px screen.
some themes may work in safari. i know that most layouts will look screwed in internet explorer.
※ i apologize if themes are distorted on your browser. :(

website info.

started: october 1 , 2011
ended: --

coded by: yours truly
name: icecubs
usage: may 6, 2014+
featuring: --
program: --
inspiration: elmorian
colors: colourlovers
images: colourlovers
codes: te.alla
fonts: cssfontstack, google
screen: 1280 x800px
browser: mozilla firefox
submit: no

- arial
- arial black
- calibri
- cambria
- consolas
- courier
- courier new
- georgia
- lucida sans
- small fonts
- tahoma
- terminal
- times new roman
- trebuchet ms

*all of the following fonts should already be installed into your computer. you can download all the other fonts at


past layouts.
(10/1/11 - 11/11/11) (11/11/11 - 12/16/11) (12/16/11 - 2/18/12) (02/18/12 - 04/30/12) (04/30/12 - 09/7/12) (09/07/12 - 12/19/12) (12/19/12 - 02/22/13) (02/22/13 - 06/29/13) (07/29/13 - 01/30/14)

frequently asked questions.

※ please read the following before asking me any questions.
※ if your question isn't here, feel free to ask it at my formspring.
※ send all personal questions to
personal faq.
how old are you?
i am nineteen years old.

where are you from/where do you live?
i am from the us. born and raised in texas.

what ethnicity are you?

how long have you been coding?
i have been coding since my myspace days. so, about seven years maybe?

how did you start [coding]?
i first began by change simple codes, ie. fonts, font sizes, colors, etc.
then i started rearranging/position items around the page.
after i realized what codes meant what, i started removing and adding codes.

where do you make your layouts?
i answered this question on my formspring here.
most coders like to use notepad to code, but i prefer to use a private blog (on either tumblr or blogger) to code and then using the preview option. it helps me see what i am doing.

will you ever make a coding tutorial?
nope. i am far too lazy (omg how many times do i say this haha;;;).
plus, if you would take the time to search, there are many tutorials out there for you to learn from. and they are far better at coding/explaining than i am.

tumblr theme faq.
how can i add endless/infinite scrolling?
if the theme doesn't already have an infinite scrolling option, please click here to
learn how to add it.
the "tutorial" works on any theme, not just mine. :)
*edit: please read this first. i am far too busy being and lazy and don't have time to fix any codes. :[

help! i can't see the codes to your themes?
please click on the "code" link at the bottom of the theme screenshot preview.
if this does not work or the code isn't showing up for some reason, please refresh the page a couple of times.

can i get the theme code for ____________?
please read the question above.
if refreshing still isn't working for you, then go to my formspring (link located above) and ask for it. make sure you mention the theme name and/or number.
please check back the following day for the code. if i get no response, the theme code will be deleted within 3 or 4 days.

how do you remove ____________?
ask google first.
press CTRL + F on your keyboard to search the theme code. type in whatever it is you want to remove. if you're not sure exactly what the code looks like, again, go to my formspring.

can you make ____________ into a tumblr theme?

what's the code for ____________?
please ask google first! believe or not, these questions get frustrating just because people are too lazy to search.
however, if what you're looking for is not there or you have trouble locating it, ask at my formspring and i will gladly give you whatever codes you need.

site faq.
where can i get your blog layout?
look in the credits under the "web" nav. if there is no link next to the layout name, then that means that i made it and i haven't submitted it yet.
if you see that i have changed layouts, you can try to find it at my blogskins or under the "past layouts" section.
but be warned! it takes me months to submit a layout because i use it for such a long time. but if enough people ask for my layout, i will gladly submit ahead of time. :)

can you please follow me?
sorry, but unless i really like your blog or find your blog interesting, it's a no.go to my formspring and ask for it. make sure you mention the theme name. please check back the following day for the code. if i get no response, the theme code will be deleted within 3 or 4 days.

there's a web layout that you previously used, but it's not on your blogskins. can i have the code?
i am sorry, but i don't have it!
i delete all codes from layouts that i no longer use, either because i didn't like it, or because there's already something similar on my blogskins account.
however, if you like the currently layout i am using and want my to upload it, please send a request on my formspring. but please check web info page and look under the "layout" section, and then the "submit" section. if there's a "yes" written beside it, then i will upload the layout to blogskins. if there's an "undecided" i would go ahead and request it at my formspring, just in case. :)