Tutorial: Where is my Tag Option? Find & Add Tags (New! Tumblr Design)

Hello Everyone! Tumblr re-design some options on the user-dashboard,  including "Where is the “Customize Theme” Option?" and the Tag Option, that will be explain in this tutorial.

Before: We used to see all our Tags on the right-side bar of the dashboard. After that we click on the "add" button, remember? Let's start this easy-tutorial of how to find and Add Tags with the new Tumblr design.

(old version)

Tutorial: Find & Add Tags (New! Tumblr Design)
• To find your Tag Option, first Log in your Tumblr Account.
• On the Dashboard find the Search button. It should be on the top right-side of your screen. Like in the following picture:

• Type the word you want to search on the bar and click ENTER. If you have previous tags from the old Tumblr design, don't worry! They will appear right below your Search Tag. You don't have to search all over again. Like my example:

• If you want to add a new word on your TAG OPTION - simply click on the Track option and it will add the word to your "following tags". And you're done! Get to them even faster by hitting the “tab” key