good news!

hello! long time no see!
i've gotten a couple of asks/messages on my tumblr asking about my theme making and i must say that they have inspired me to come back. to be honest, it was about 3 messages, but it as enough, lol. and i also missed coding. :( ♥
so yes, i will be returning! yay!
disregard the previous post about my leaving! it has been deleted. consider it only a hiatus.

however, i still find it difficult to work with the tumblr customize page, but i think i have found a way around that. on top of that, summer is over and i have already started school, so that leaves me less with my computer. /sob
i will try to update with themes or blogroll layouts at least once a month, like before, but this seems highly unlikely. i'm not too sure when the first theme will be posted, but i hope it's soon.
to start, i have updated villianz with a new layout! i really love this one and it's soft on the eyes. i hope you like it too.

and again, i thank those few who have been kind enough to tell me that they enjoy my themes. ilu all. ;u; ♥♥

a tagborad is currently unavailable, so if you have any theme/code related question, please send them here. if you have any personal questions for me, please send them here (please do, i love those!).

thank you for reading and i do apologize for any in convinces.
live well~ ♥

ps. i will most likely still be one a hiatus for a month or two. (blame school.)