Extension: Tumblr Life. Re-blogging have never been so easy!

Tumblr Life simplifies your re-blogging! This extension allows you to re-blog super quick - what do i mean? easy just click on the re-blog button and the photo, text, quote - anything will be re-blog automatically. No more re-blogs pages.

Tumblr Life Features: 
• Adds quick reblog menu
• Adds links to text, photos, quotes and others to "Dashboard" menu
• Adds keyboard shortcuts

For this post I will do a quickly tutorial on How to Install this extension. Why? The extension is a Script and if doesn't install automatically you will have to follow the following steps to enable Tumblr Life.

○          ○         ○

How to Install?

1. Visit the Tumblr life official website HERE
2. Click on the Install button and find the script in your files. Don't know the icon for a Script? It should look like this:


3. To install the script simply drag-and-drop the file into your extensions options.
4. Enable the Tumblr Life. 
5. Go to the Tumblr Website and start re-blogging!