Blogs and Websites: Olle Ota Themes

Tumblr Name:  Olle Ota Themes

Main features: Olle Ota Themes is a Tumblr blog that offers popular, unique and very creative themes for free. The themes are made in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, the main feature? well free themes of course! If you wish to learn more about the author Aaron you can simply visit on the link "About".

User support: Yes
Free themes: Yes
Creative and Unique themes: Of course!
Friendly User Interface (easy/hard to navigate on the blog): Easy
Presentation: Good

Tumblr Comments: This is one Tumblr blog you cannot miss to visit! The free themes are simply beautiful. If you have any doubts, suggestions or questions you can visit their "support" page. Photos / Examples below.

|Actual themes & info credit belongs to the author, our previews are non-credit and free to the Tumblr community to help and bring tips to those in need|