Blogs and Websites: Max David Themes

Tumblr Name: Max David Themes

Main Features: Themes, tutorials, scripts and a new Tumblr Spotlight! The tumblr spotlight allows you to promote your blog complete free. The themes and tutorials are free. Great customization options for each theme. 

                       Tumblr Spotlight! is a special feature that Max David Themes offers. 
                             Simply Join the community to advertise your Tumblr blog for free!

User support: Yes, includes a list of Tutorials.
Free themes: Yes (you can also buy themes)
Creative and Unique themes: Yes
Friendly User Interface (easy/hard to navigate on the blog): Easy
Presentation: Good

Tumblr Comments: Max Davis Themes is a well organize, user friendly and creative website and Tumblr blog. The themes are easy to customize and free. Is it worth to see the themes? Yes it is! Especially if your're looking for unique, full-page (Minimalist themes) and much more! If you love the Max David Themes the website also includes social features like Facebook and Tumblr

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