New Fonts for your Tumblr! from

Here's your weekly newest fonts for you! And no, Tumblr is not affiliate it with this website - this article is only for public knowledge to make your blog and graphics even better! 

Check the newest fonts! Remember the link post here will take you to the author's page - so you can directly download it. We do not take any credit for this fonts.

KG Cold Coffee by Kimberly Geswein
Lazy Day by Vanessa Bays
• Angel Toes by Vanessa Bays
 Fat Marker by Vanessa Bays
• Puppy Pooky by Nevi A
• Sparkly Lights by FontPanda
• DHF Broffont Script by Dexsar Harry Anugrah
• Kankin by MRfrukta
 Fiddler's Cove by Iconian Fonts
• Frenchy by Frédéric Rich
• Thinnyness by Vanessa Bays
• Ragatnia Clara by weknow
 Angelic Peace by - SickCapital
• Bad King by Galdino Otten 
• ChunkyNess by Vanessa Bays