Getting a Free domain name for Tumblr.

In this tutorial i am going to teach you how to get a free domain name for your tumblr!I will be using two sites that will help you make your url shorter than usual.We are going to use and .tk because these are the only free domain names i know so far=)

Lets start with .CO.CC:

1.Create an account now.
2.Sign in to your account.
3.Go and Get A New Domain.
4.Type the desired domain name then check for availability=)
5.Continue to registration.
6.New page will show up saying:
We have received your request for domain name registration.Now you must click the SET UP button.
7.In setting up pls follow this:

HOST- Thats the domain name you choose.
TTL - 1D
VALUE -72.32.2318

8.Click set up button.
9.Wait for hours before applying the domain on your tumblr.

Free domain name from DOT.TK:
1.Pls go to the Dot TK site
2.Type the desired domain name then click next to start registering.
3.Choose free domain name > next >
4.On the next page choose

Or - use your own DNS?

 Type for IP Address.

5.continue filling up the form,type your email address and all..
6.Youre done you can now use the domain .tk to your blog=)